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Benboe is a noisy old soul and likes to howl at the moon. He spends his days lazing in the garden and investigating the flower beds.

He likes his walkies, as it keeps him fit, but his most favourite thing of all, is to eat treats. He likes to snuggle in his bed after a long wet plod, where he dreams of juicy bones and snores all evening.

Benboe does not like baths or the rain, but he does like chasing the ducks on walks by the duck pond, and playing fetch in the park with his bone.




He enjoys food in any shape or form, eating it or cooking it, and he loves shopping for cheese and yummy bread at the Boelangerie!

When Chow isn’t working at his restaurant, Gastroboe, he enjoys a potter around his vegetable patch.

His best friend, Bloomboe, helps him tend to the flowers and the plants, and together they grow food for all the town folk.

He likes singing, bowling and swimming with the fishes!




A true genius, a gentleman and a scholar, Knowboe is indeed the super brain of Boezville.

He has won the Boebel Peace Surprise for his outstanding achievements in medicine and literature.

He enjoys amateur dramatics and fancy dress parties.

He also likes camping trips to Peeboe Pines, where he sets out his little deckchair, settling in his handkerchief for his afternoon nap.




Discoboe is always tuned in to the groove! He likes to get down and cannot get enough of the funky tunes!

He loves to drift away in his headphones, chilling to the beats. He relaxes by playing his guitar and drums, and when the crew rock up, they all get down and rock out.

Disco dancing on roller blades is his favourite thing of all and he loves to roll on down to Boe Discs to pick up the latest beats, throwing shapes on the Boe-levard as he goes.




A dainty little creature dancing through the breeze, Flutterboe enjoys her sunshine flights, flitting from flower to flower, stretching out on their bouncy petals.

Flutterboe, Ladyboe and Squirmboe are the very best of friends, and spend hours playing away.

Flutter enjoys the fresh spring days when the snow melts and the flowers are in bloom.




A bit of an outsider, Grizzlyboe lives in the depths of the forest, near the mountains in Peeboe Pines.

Many of the Peeboez tell tales of how they have seen the great grizzly chops from the mountains, but they always get scared and run away.

The only true friend Grizzlyboe has is Knowboe, who got an awful shock one day when Grizzly woke him by nibbling on his feet.

Grizzlyboe enjoys swimming and eating fish by the river, then snuggling up under the tree branches in his bed.




Jellyboe lives in the sea with his friend Octoboe and together they have great fun.

They enjoy racing through the deep waters and regular fish suppers at Boe Dunes.

He is happiest when he is swimming around the cool waters playing hide and seek with Octoboe.

Occasionally, he likes to sunbathe on the beach, but doesn’t like it when people stand on his head or poke him with sticks.




Bloomboe is a gardening fanatic! She just loves to dance amongst the flowers and plant her greens under the moonlight.

Her best friend is Chowboe, who helps her with her digging, when he visits Boe-lotments to tend to his vegetable patch.

Bloom enjoys food at the Noodle Boel and a wander to Boe Dunes to practice her yoga at sunset!




A slow and lazy little wriggler, Squirmboe likes to take his time.

Slowly making his way through the trees, his favourite thing is to wriggle onto a leaf in the shade, nibbling and napping the day away.

He likes to play with his friends Lady and Flutter on summer days.

He takes his time on his daily wriggles and gets distracted by the yummy, juicy apples in the trees.

He forgets where he was wriggling off to quite often, as once he starts munching, all else is forgotten.




Babyboe likes to gurgle as she sits in her Boe-bouncer and watches the world go by.

Giggling and doggies are Babyboe's favourite things and she likes fish fingers and peas for her lunch.

Her best friend is her Peebow, Ben and she enjoys taking him for walks by the duck pond to see Quack and wave to Tweet.

Baby likes to sing along to Tweets' cheery song but it makes her sleepy, so to wake herself up she likes to take Benboe for a nice swim.




Saving the planet is the name of the game when it comes to Mariboe, and she loves to recycle everything.

She spends her days walking her peebow, Benboe and loves to shop, shop, shop!

Her days are filled with visits to see Bloomboe, tending to her vegetables in the sunshine.

She is friends with the bees.




Boboe always seems to be sleepy! He flies around all day long and likes to play golf, golf and more golf in the park with his friends.

He is married to Mariboe and they have little Boez of their own.

When Boboe is done with his day, he likes a spell of fine dining at Gastroboe in Boetropolis.

Afterwards, he plods on home whilst whistling his merry tune, and falls asleep in his fantasy and detective novels, blowing up the pages with a little snore!




Dickyboe is an intelligent soul, who likes reading, classical music and long walks on the beach at Boe Dunes!

He likes to picnic in the park and feed the ducks, before walking the long way home, where he gazes at the stars in the night sky through his shiny telescope.

Dicky is a professor of science and a keen meteorologist. He is a pillar of the Boe community.




Martian does not live in Boezville, but in the skies above. The Boez do not yet know about Martian and his friends, as they live high in the night sky, bouncing through the stars.

Martian likes the dark and the twinkly stars. He plays games to try and make shapes out of them.

He likes to read and look into his telescope through the night sky, to see if there really is, anybody out there.




Moo is a peaceful little cow. She spends all day lazing in the warm sunshine, nibbling grass and picking flowers to wear in her hair.

Her favourite foods are buttercups and green, juicy grass.

She has a shiny coat and likes it when Farmerboe brushes it, when he comes to collect her milk to make cheese and butter for the town folk.

She lives at Boe Meadows Farm with all of her friends, where there is always an adventure to be had, but more than anything, Moo enjoys her lazy days and visits from Baa best of all.




Octoboe lives in the sea with his friend Jellyboe and together they have great fun!

He likes to play with his friend and they go exploring in the deep blue sea.

When Jellyboe goes to sunbathe, Octoboe likes to spin around in the sea. He goes so fast his legs fly out to the side and he looks like a pretty purple star!

He tried sunbathing and it made him thirsty, so he stays down at the bottom of the sea hugging rocks and playing with the starfish!




Lady spends her days floating around the trees with her best friends, Flutterboe and Squirmboe.

They like to play games in the plants and flowers, although playing chase is sometimes a little boring as Squirm can only wriggle slowly, and Flutter is distracted by the flowers, so Ladyboe wins everytime!

Lady loves the pretty flowers in springtime. She enjoys resting on their silky petals and smelling them as she flies through the skies on her daily mission.




Slowboe always seems to have her head in the clouds! She is a dreamer who gets distracted at every turn.

She drifts away to her own fluffy world, dreaming of adventures in far off lands, tales of princesses and castles, moon beams and fairytales, and of course, her sweet prince.

She likes to lay in the sunshine, looking at the clouds, pretending they are great galleons sailing across the sky, carrying pirates and treasure.

Slowboe spends all of her time floating in a daydream. She never seems to get anywhere on time, even to work at the Peeboe Boetique.

Floating through her days and smiling at the flowers, she looks forward to her trips to the Bowling Alley and rollerblading with her best friend Disco!




Oink is a grubby little piggy and enjoys snuffling truffles all day.

He lives with his friends Moo and Quack at Boe Meadows farm where the poppies grow.

Oink loves living at Boe Meadows Farm. He is friends with the farmer and often accompanies him on his evening walks around the poppy fields.

Oink likes the way the poppies dance and tickle his snout, although he gets frightened by Scareboe who lives in the field by the meadow, so to cheer himself up, he goes back to his sty and rolls around in the mud puddles!




Touring the universe and playing to the masses, Rockboe is happiest when he is rocking out on stage!

He lives his dream in the spotlight, watching the crowd go wild to his banging guitar solos, and when the lights go out, he enjoys relaxing with his pet bunny, Rabboe.

He also likes reading, going for wild times on wilderness camps and jamming around the campfire!


PC Bobbyboe


An upstanding citizen of the community and law enforcer, PC Bobbyboe makes it his duty to make sure all of the Boezville town folk are following the rules.

Part time lolly pop boe and police officer, PC Boe volunteers as a life guard at Boe Dunes in his spare time.

He enjoys feeding the ducks, cooking, yoga and hot fluffy bubble baths.




Quack is a noisy boe and swims in circles for most of the day.

He spends his days with his friends by the pond in Peeboe Greens, or at Boe Meadows Farm where he lives. He likes to waddle around in the morning sun, looking for nibbles and treats.

His favourite thing to do is diving and foraging for nibbles, but his most favourite thing in the world, is when visitors come and feed him oats and wheat at the park!

He likes to paddle and dive bomb the pond and when he is done, he likes resting on the grass in the sunshine, drying his feathers.




Rayboe is a bright little thing and his job is to brighten Boezville.

He works all day to bring a little ray of sunshine to the town folk and keep them all smiley.

He is an early riser and whiles away the hours floating through the sky, giggling, as the passing clouds tickle his chin.

Ray likes Chinese food and reading the weather report at bedtime.




Sewboe is a clever little bee and a true master of craft, teaching all who are interested in her crafty tales!

She enjoys trips to Boe Dunes and boat trips in the sunshine.

Sew likes all kinds of crafts and conducts classes at her shop in Boetropolis, Boez and Buttons.

She loves nothing more than to sew, and is always sparkly from her glitter and glue!

When the day is done, she likes to visit Boe-nuts, then settle in her slippers with a cup of Boe-co and her detective novel.




The Mayor of Boezville is indeed a peculiar little fellow, and has the loudest voice you ever did hear.

When he isn’t attending special events, driving his shiny car or christening puppies, he is generally enjoying bubble baths with his rubber ducky and singing into his loofah. His favourite bath time treat is a game of battle ships, but he gets annoyed as he always loses them in the bubbles.

After a hard day, Mayorboe polishes his posh top hat and ties a coloured boe ribbon to it. He then curls his little moustache for the events of the next day, while practicing his speeches to wow the townfolk.




Rabboe is a purple floppy eared bunny and belongs to Rockboe.

Rabboe enjoys long snoozes in the sunshine and being petted.

She likes it when she goes to the park, as she can play with all the other bunnies and sniff the flowers.

She also likes chasing the bees.


The Rainboez


The Rainboez are a happy bouncy little bunch and bring colour to everyone's world.

Brightening the darkest of days, they all look the same yet are unique in their own little ways, seeing the good in everything.

No Boez are as happy as the kaleidoscope kids, and when the sky is dark and grey, they catch a ride on the clouds to spread their colours through the sky, making everyone believe in Rainboez!




Scareboe lives by Boe Meadow in Farmerboes' field. He helps to keep the birds away from the corn, and teaches them that it’s not nice to take what doesn’t belong to them.

He guards the field as well as he can, keeping all those who shouldn’t be there, away.

He is a good friend to the birds, and when they come to visit, they delight him with their merry song and tales of Boezville.

In return, he tells them his wacky tales of when night falls and the moon is high. More importantly, he tells them all about the strange little visitors who come to pick the poppies.




Roseyboe is married to Farmerboe and they live at Boe Meadows Farm.

Rosey tends to the animals at Boe Meadows, singing to them as she spreads the feed.

A merry little soul is Rosey. She loves to cook and sit by the crackling fire on cold snowy days, reading her gardening books.

She also likes hot air balloon trips and dancing through the poppy fields under the moonlight.




Baa is a pleasant little lamb that loves to frolic amongst the buttercups in springtime.

He lives with his friends at Boe Meadow Farm where they have lots of fun and adventures.

Baa likes it when Roseyboe comes to feed him his tasty nibbles but above all, the clover and the forbs are his favourite treat. He always has a tasty flower or two in his chops.

He spends the early hours with Rosey, watching Ray float through the sky and before she leaves, she rolls him over in the clover to tickle his tummy.




Luneboe is the moon that shines over Boezville when all is dark. He lives behind the clouds in the night sky and when it is time for Rayboe to go home from a hard days work, Lune pops up to float through the sky and watch over everyone.

He is friends with the stars and his best friend is Ray, although he is more like a penpal, as they dont see much of each other.

He likes trips to the beach to watch the sea, where he likes to float over it and look at his reflection in the ripples. Lune likes to read and collect spaceships.

His favourite food is cheese.




Skiboe likes lazy days at Boe Peaks. When Ray is high in the sky, she climbs to the top of the highest peak in Boezville and looks down while enjoying her lunch.

Putting on her helmet and goggles, and strapping on her skiis, she gracefully sails down the powdered peaks at speed.

After a hard day on the slopes she unwinds by going to the local discotheque where she dances until she is a dizzy dora.




Farmerboe is married to Roseyboe and lives at Boe Meadows Farm.

He is a jolly little fellow indeed and always has a giggle in his belly.

He loves his animals dearly, especially his evening walks with Oink and the odd story from Scareboe.

Farmerboe loves to roller skate on the Boe-levard with the wind rushing through his face hair. His favourite thing of all is to drive his tractor and watch the sun set, whilst enjoying his carrot cake and a flask of Boe Brew.

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