Munch Munch, A Tasty Lunch

Thanks Bloom and greetings to you my friend. My name is Chowboe and I am the resident chef at Gastroboe in Boe Plaza. I spend my days bringing delight to the townsfolk of Boezville by filling their tummies with yummies.

I make it my job to feed one and all with good wholesome food. After all, it’s so important for each and every little boe to eat well in order to keep them healthy and most of all happy! We couldn’t have them snacking on naughty treats all day now could we, that just wouldn’t do.

In my spare time, I pop along to visit Bloom and we spend hours planting and pulling the fresh vegetables that I bring to my restaurant, talk about mouthwatering morcels!

Many of the Boez also pop along to ask me how to cook their own delicious delights and we spend hours preparing food, gathering tasty recipes and having a jolly good giggle, my cooking classes are a hit with all!

Well its time to go and get the pots bubbling for the feast so I shall leave you for now! Ciao! Do you get it, Ciao, as in goodbye and I’m called Chow…. Ha ha ha

I’ll pass you back to Dickyboe to finish up! I guess I shall be on my way, ha ha ha….

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