dickyparachuteSo Now You Know…

Hello, it’s me again and I’m just about to pop off and get some noodles at the Noodle Boel, Chow has me very hungry and I have a rumbling tum!

So I guess you know a little more about us now but there is so much to tell you and if I told you all now where would the fun be? You will have to take a look around to find out more.

We are not only the cutest little things that you can’t help but love, we are healthy, fit and happy also. By eating well, staying active and being responsible for some of our own food, we manage to enjoy our days and who knows, if you like some of the things we do, why not give them a try.

I think the most important message above all else is to live well, have fun and above all else have a smile and a giggle in your belly!

Bye for now and see you soon!