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It was a sleepy start to the day in Boezville. The town was covered with a blanket of dusky blue, however, the sky was bright behind the peaks and held promise of a beautiful day.

The birds were singing high in the plump green trees and Ray had already popped up to listen to them. After some time, he looked at his pocket watch. ‘Oh dear’ he sighed, ‘tis time to rise and shine’.  He gave a little yawn, had a long fuzzy stretch, then shook his hair and went on his merry way.

He set out slowly, making his way through the sky, to the top of the mountains where he was to begin his busy day. He drifted through the morning blue, chuckling to himself as the fluffy white clouds tickled his chin and then, as he popped his head up behind the snowy peaks, his world came to life.

Ray let out a little squeak. He was so overjoyed to see Boezville beautiful and bright after the darkness. He danced higher and higher, swirling through the morning air over the town, casting his brilliant rays to wake the Peeboez.

The Peeboez were the little people who lived in Boezville and they were the most curious bunch indeed. Ray just loved spending his days gazing over them to see what the day would bring and what adventures they would have.






At that moment, far below in a sleepy corner of Boe Mansions, a dreamy little Peeboe opened his eyes and dived out of bed to look at the glorious day outside his window. He flung open the windows and gulped in the morning air.

‘Good morning, good morning one and all, today is the day we have a ball. The sun is high and the day is grand, there is light and warmth across the land. Get up sleepy heads, come see the morning, rub your eyes and stop your yawning. Get up one and all it’s a beautiful day, it’s time to rise and time to play.’

Dickyboe was the earliest to rise every morning in Boezville. Everyday he opened his windows wide and woke the Peeboez with his cheerful song.

Slowly one by one, the sleepy heads popped out of the windows as everyone wanted to see the morning outside, and before long, morning greetings were exchanged and the garden at Boe Mansions slowly began to buzz. It was a hive of excitement and giggles, for this was no ordinary day. Today was the grand unveiling of the brand new Peeboez Boetique in Boetropolis, and the promise of the new, shiny shop had the Peeboez all of a tizz.

They were all to gather in Boetropolis to see the grand opening at noon, and Ray thought he would follow everyone as they began to make their way into the bright lights of the big city.


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