It came to a gentle stop on the snow as if it were a snowflake floating down to the ground.


‘Now Bingo, remember to spread the word of Santyboe as you go’.

‘Oh I will Santy, I will. I can’t thank you enough for the sleigh ride and I can’t wait to tell everyone.’

‘Well how’s about this be our little secret and who knows, I may pop by again to say hello. Now go, enjoy your festivities and I shall get back to my work!’

‘Take care dear Bingo and Merry Christmas’.


With a whisper once more, and a wink of his eye, he shot off with a snap, and sailed into the sky.


Bingo waved him goodbye until he was out of sight, then she ran all the way home, to get ready for the night.


Bingo arrived at the Boe Mansions party a little later than usual and it was in full swing.

Trees were decorated, and the tables were set with the most delightful feasts. Music was playing and the skating pond was full of Peeboez gliding gracefully around in time to the music, and everyone was full of promise.


‘As promised, Miss Bingo’.  Bingo turned round to see Chow with her earlier request.

‘Oh Chow, you remembered and saved me some chestnuts!’ beamed Bingo.

‘Why of course. Here you go, they are toasty, fresh from the fire, so be careful as they are a little hot’.

‘Thank you Chow, I’m sure they are just peachy’.

‘So where have you been all evening Miss Bingo, I haven’t seen you until now?’

‘Well I have been catching up with an old friend, having the most splendid time’.

Then she stopped, ‘It was the most magical time, but I don’t think you would believe me even if I told you’.

‘Well as long as you had fun Miss Bingo. Now, come join the party. Oh and I almost forgot, I have something for you’.page5_2

‘You do?’ asked Bingo, a little puzzled.

‘Yes, it was quite strange. Dicky found it by the sleigh in the garden a little while after you left’.

‘Oh, that is a little strange. I shall open it and see’, said Bingo.


A warm smile spread across Bingos face, as she opened the beautifully wrapped box.

It was a tiny musical Boe globe with a little Santyboe in it. Bingo wound a golden key at its front. Suddenly, stars appeared, and music started to play. Inside, Santy chuckled as the music played and multi coloured stars floated around his head.

page5_3The card attached read:

‘To my dear, sweet, Bingo.

A gift to you, wherever you may be.

Have a Merry Boe-ho Christmas, from the reindeerboez, and me.

- never stop believing xxx S x