The Growboez

Hey there! Do excuse me, I’m on one of my daily floats on my flower cloud, checking if there are any dark, dull corners of Boezville that need a little love and flower power.

I am the resident gardener and grounds keeper here in Boezville and my name is Bloom. I just love to spend my days planting flowers, tending to the allotments and driving my lawnmower around Peeboe Greens. Its fun to fly around, listening to the birds in the trees but I guess growing all the yummy fruit and vegetables for the townsfolk is my favourite thing.

Here in Boezville we think its good to grow our own as it means we have fresh food at our fingertips whenever we want it, plus, it’s not only good exercise but it’s very healthy for us too, so why wouldn’t we do it.

Maybe you should try it too in a small part of your garden, even if you aren’t growing enough for the whole town, a few flowers or tomatoes is a good start.

When it is ready to pick, my friend comes to take it for his restaurant but I will let him tell you more on that. Over to you Chow!

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